About Me

Welcome to AdaMua! My name is Ada and I'm a freelance film/commercial makeup artist in LA. Easy to say because anyone can be a makeup artist in their own rights. (I am not your "average" over the counter makeup girl at Macy's) Nothing wrong with that. But what makes someone a professional film MUA? Let's begin! Starting with education.. I studied advanced beauty and prosthetics at Joe Blasco Makeup Academy side by side with Mr. Blasco himself. After graduating, I went on to assist Howard Berger (KNB guys) on "The Wizard of OZ" with SPFX. However, I quickly became fascinated with beauty makeup. After a few years I acquired clients such as Chanel West Coast, Judith Hill, Kobe Bryant, Shaun Ross, Christen Press and many more. In addition to my personal clients, I have worked with many brands like Apple, Intel, Samsung, McDonalds and the list goes on. In short, a professional makeup artist is more than just someone going to school and getting a "certificate" it's about making the person who's sitting in your chair comfortable and happy. Learning film set etiquettes, be respectful, bring a smile to work everyday and just.. be awesome! Thanks for reading and hope to work with you soon.

With love and gratitude,